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In case you wanted to know our story :-)

Quick intro...

Working and learning the industry's ropes as a Printer, Illustrator, Production Artist, Studio Manager and Creative/Art Director for over 2+ decades for multiple print shops, marketing agencies and creative design studios in South Florida, back in 2010 Gio Castiglione (that's me) decided to work solo full-time as a one-stop creative and marketing personal business. "One-stop" not only in creative and designing, but providing promotional merchandise and printing services to my clients with the highest level of friendly customer care. I pride myself in clients I work with actually becoming my friends. But, something was missing...


After years of working the creative industry, I needed an outlet to get back to the roots that made me fall in love in the creative process and expressing myself artistically as a kid. My wife Mara having her own business' and creative ideas of her own, decided that together we should take a stab at the t-shirt business; why? It's the perfect means to express ourselves and share our passions on apparel for others to enjoy and wear. But, I wanted to maintain the overall services of a marketing studio as well (full marketing and printing services)

Our experience...

A few years ago we started this dream with a few t-shirt online t-shirt shops, (Easy2tees, HoppinTees and Custom Ink Tees) each successful using multiple online merchant outlets, you know them (Etsy, Teespring, eBay, etc...) and learned the ropes. We experienced the ups-and-downs all the while utilizing various production systems and processes. We always kept in mind maintaining and striving to achieve the highest quality final product for our clients as the goal. Along the way, we've streamlined and perfected our technique (and upgrading our machinery). We finally had a grasp of what we wanted to do. 

Why Prontees?

We did very well learning the shirt and apparel industry, gaining several years experience along the way. We've sold thousands of shirts and designs over the years. We decided to create our own online platform (website) and we broke free from those other hindering platforms (Etsy, Teespring, eBay). We pride ourselves with our personal touch in customer service, comfortable apparel, clean designs and pretty fast turnarounds. It's more now a fun craft to us, each shirt we create we make with pride. We strive to work on orders "pronto"... hence we chose the name, Prontees. 


What we are...

We are a small business shop located in our lovable mountain hometown of Murphy, North Carolina, USA. If in our area, swing by and visit. We appreciate each of you, and love hearing from you on how we can get even better (whether online or in person). Our shop delivers in many cases better than the larger online companies and we are always here ready to work with and for you. Please reach out to us and leave comments or a review and follow us as we grow our social media. Always know, each item is custom made to order right here in our studio, so you are certain one of us was part of  your ordering process. We wouldn't want it any other way. 


Gio Castiglione

Owner, Creative & The Boss

Mara Castiglione

Co-Owner & The "Real" Boss

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