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Want to add numbers to your uniforms? We can do that! See our below shopping cart.
Our uniforms are sold as blank when you purchase them. But, we offer adding numerals in 4 different styles and an array of multiple colors. Prontees can heat press and add Goof Proof Screen Printed vinyl numbers if you require them on the back of your purchased jerseys. We offer this for an additional charge of $3 per uniform. You will also be required (upon checkout) to send us the numbers required per the sizes to your order via email or chat. 

Have an idea, maybe no idea and would like some creative or design help?  Contact us directly and we will assist you in making your uniform (for your team, school, organization or business) have that final professional touch it needs! We specialize in making your team exactly how you visualized it in you mind, and perhaps even better! Allow us to work with you on the details. 
Contact us and see how we can help you and provide you an estimate.

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