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If there is any questions you might have that we have missed, please contact us and we will happily assist you. We always strive to be of the upmost assistance to you as much possible. We thank you. 
How do I place an order...
  1. As with all shopping carts and e-commerce online websites, locate the design and style of the garment you are interested in.

  2. Search menu is located for shortcut just under the navigational menu header bar on the left side. 

  3. Click on the item or VIEW DETAILS.

  4. When an item listing is selected, in, view and scroll through the images to see which appeals to you.

  5. You will notice on the images in any given listing, the size chart for the style of garment you are looking into purchasing is present. Please review this size chart very carefully. 

  6. Select the size of the garment from the SIZE dropdown menu.

  7. Next select the color of the garment you wish to purchase. 

  8. Click ADD TO CART. From that point, you may by viewing your cart to confirm the order is as you like. Not satisfied, click on the top left side CONTINUE SHOPPING to view more shop goodies (we love that option). 

  9. If you have are ready to get the ball rolling and placing your order, Please select what method of delivery you would prefer (Priority <1–3 day not guaranteed> -or- Priority Express Mail <1–3 Day guaranteed> ). This delivery is on top of the in-house studio production of your garment(s). If needing anything more quickly, (someone's birthday and you are waiting last minute–lol)  please contact us--we always love to accommodate and make you look good. 

  10. We do not offer gift cards at this time, but, will consider sending you coupons /promo codes for larger orders. Just ask us, we don't bite. 

  11. Any customizing options offered for a design you purchased (on listing), please indicate this before CHECKOUT on the left side bottom by clicking ADD A NOTE. Leave details there as far as a custom name on what shirt. If purchasing multiple customizable shirts, please leave as much details as possible for us to identify which shirt requires what custom information or name. 

  12. When you finally have that all set, CHECKOUT and pay via major credit card or select and pay using your PAYPAL. 

  13. Please then fill in your correct email, you name, address, phone number under, SHIPPING DETAILS. This is very important!

  14. Confirm your DELIVERY METHOD. 

  15. Make your PAYMENT, again, please verify all your information is correct, or the funds will not process. 

  16. REVIEW & PLACE ORDER and you are good to go!


Payment & Shipping
  1. Most items will be completed in 3-5 business days unless otherwise indicated (i.e. uniforms for example). If all materials needed to complete your order are in stock your order can be produced within 2-3 business days. See, our name Prontees does fit the description.  If anything is needed more "pronto", please send us an email, or contact us by way of chat (located at the base right side of every page) or simply give us a phone call and we will try our best to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. We are here to assist you and make certain you are happy and satisfied. Happy client, happier shop manager. 

  2. Processing times may be longer do to natural phenomenons or during a particular holiday season. Holiday delivery services (USPS is who we use) could take longer due to circumstances, and are factors beyond our control. We can only control what we process in-studio for you, outside our studio doors we can not.  

  3. Each package has a $100.00 insurance value on it. If the package is damaged, it is the buyer's responsibility to bring the package to their local United States Post Service (or shipping delivery service) and collect on the insurance, it is not the our responsibility at that point, unless there is someway we may assist you with the claim. Once the package status shows as"Delivered" we have no recourse. 

  4. We are not responsible for stolen packages off of steps, porches, front door, etc. This is also considered beyond our control. 

  5. Please note: If something comes up on our end we see that could effect the delivery time of your order, longer than normal and processing could be effected, once we identify the issue, we will definitely notified and see how to proceed. 


Returns & Refunds

  1. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE CHARTS! Each garment item listed has the a size chart in the listed scrollable images. Please click on the images and as you scroll through the variations, you will find the size chart, usually the last item image listed /viewed. PLEASE CONSULT THE SIZE CHART IN EACH LISTING'S PHOTOS BEFORE CONSULTING US UPON PURCHASE. Best thing to do is find a shirt you currently wear that fits you comfortable, and measure this against our chart. Lay it flat on a surface and measure away! 

  2. Since all the garments with designs and decorated we sell are custom made to order (created when ordered-not pre-produced or stocked with designs), we do not issue refunds once printed and pressed (unless the order is cancelled prior to our shop producing your ordered item(s).

  3. All sales are FINAL and we will only accept returns if there is something wrong with your item that was of our wrong doing, i.e. a wrong color, printing error, incorrect size, etc. We will gladly correct the error and ship a replacement out to you once we’ve confirmed the original item you possess is being returned from you. You will be responsible for the cost to ship the original item returning to us, and we will be responsible for the cost to ship the final item back to you.

  4. To be eligible for a return and replacement (as mentioned above) you must contact within 3-days of receiving your item and fit the above criteria mentioned and outlined.


We thank you for your patronage. 
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